Jeddit 🤡

Jeddit is a clone of Reddit. I built this project as a way to learn more about Express.js and JavaScript.


Summary ✨

A clone of the popular website, Reddit. Users can create posts, comment on posts, and upvote/downvote posts and comments. As a part of BCIT's Web Development course, this project was built to practice using `Express.js`, `Node.js`, and `EJS`.

Details 🔎

Building this web app, the data are all stored in-memory. I chose to use `Bootstrap` as my CSS library. I also implemented the nested-comments feature of this app similar to how Reddit handles it, which gave me insight on how to structure the `HTML` and `CSS` to make it work.

Challenges 🥵

The hardest challenge was to implement the nested-comments feature. The trick was to pass a JavaScript function to the EJS template that would fetch the child comments of a parent comment.

Takeaway 📖

Although the solution for nested-comments is not practical in a production setting, it was a good learning experience as to how to structure the `HTML` and `CSS` to replicate the same UI as Reddit's nested-comments.

I learned more about `Experss.js`, `Node.js`, and `EJS` since this was mainly a practice project for those three technologies. Also, learned a lot about in-memory objects and array in a JavaScript environment.